I am really excited to be stocking this Natural Grass Pen, which is truly one of a kind. The barrel is made from a blend of meadow grass and recycled BPA-free plastic (the best kind). It is durable, refillable and can be used for years to come. The pens triangular shape and premium quality nib make it pleasant to use for longer periods of time, with the added bonus that it won't roll away when you put it down. A refreshing take on what an inexpensive pen should be.

Most low-cost pens are terrible for the environment, meant for short-term use and made from the worst kind of plastics. A Good Company have created what they believe is a pen which is superior to all others on the market, both for the customer and the environment. 

Sold individually and available in Wheat Beige or Dark Brown. Comes with blue ink. A refill is available with black or blue ink.


  • Made from meadow grass & BPA-free plastic
  • Can be refilled - refills are available on my site too!
  • Closed loop manufacturing
  • Sold individually 
  • Size: 15cm
  • Weight: 9gr