Top 3 Plastic-Free Swaps

Custom gift boxes

Create a custom gift box

Why not build a unique gift box for that someone special. Please drop me an email on and I will be happy to help you build a custom gift box to suit your needs.


All our orders are packaged and sent out in recyclable packaging to reduce the environmental impact. Our thank you notes are made from wildflower seed paper, to encourage customers to help our insects and bees thrive.

Come spring time, submerge the seed paper in water, let the seeds germinate, transfer to soil and be sure to keep in sunlight.

We can all make a difference

I know the task of living more sustainably may seem a little overwhelming at first and that the task in hand is huge but like many things in life, it's about making changes gradually. The power truly is in the hands of all of us as consumers and every single one of us has the chance to make a positive change in the world. As a collective, we can make a difference, we have shown this by the way we have come together to tackle the Global Pandemic.

By choosing to switch to more sustainable alternatives, we can all make such a positive impact. It is fair to say that money talks and by changing consumer demands, it will spur on larger companies to see there is a demand for more environmentally friendly alternatives. By shopping with us at The sustainable Shop, we can use our buying power to help drive down the prices. Therefore, making these products available to a wider audience whilst supporting smaller brands to grow and create more sustainable options.

The question of 'how can one person make a difference?' is what has driven me to set up The Sustainable Shop and offer people an alternative, a solution to the global problem of climate change we all face. After all we owe it to the future generations.