Introducing a creative and imaginative activity box which includes four make your own craft activities. The make believe craft kit activity box is perfect for three to eight year olds. It includes four activities for the children to make & enjoy in their own world of make believe. All equipment including glue dots and eco glitter are included. Just add felt tips.

Magic Wand - Children can decorate the star base with jewel embellishments, ribbons & eco glitter to create their very own magic wand.

Princess Crown - Children can decorate the crown base with the golden embellishment, eco glitter & self adhesive gems. A true princess in the making.

Unicorn Wand - Children can decorate the unicorn bases with the ribbon and eco glitter to fly their unicorns through the rainbows and fluffy clouds.

Carnival Mask - children can decorate the mask bases with the eyehole and feather cut outs, then embellish with eco glitter to get into the fiesta spirit.


  • The box includes: 4 instruction cards, components, 1 eco glitter glue & glue dots
  • Box measures: 24cm x 12cm x 2cm
  • UKCA/UKNI/CE tested & marked
  • Made in UK
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