Here at the Sustainable Shop we want to make sustainable gifting easy, so have put together a selection of four different gift boxes, to take the stress out of choosing a present. 

Inside our Men's Shaving Essentials box we have put together all the plastic-free items needed for proper wet shave. All of the products included are packaged in eco-friendly packaging.  

We are happy to send them directly to your lucky recipient and can hand write your personal message. Kraft paper bows will be placed inside the box, to avoid it getting squashed in the post. The bow can be easily applied, when you are ready to present your gift.

Included in this gift box: 

Bambaw Bamboo Safety Razor

Enjoy a cleaner shave with this traditional bamboo safety razor, which is the perfect swap for a  plastic-free shave. These zero waste razors were widely used before the introduction of mass produced single-use plastic razors. Included inside the box: 1x Bambaw safety razor, 1x Astra razor blade, 1x In-depth digital user manual. The blades are easily recyclable. 

Astra Double Edge Razor Blades - Pack of 5

Astra superior platinum DE razor blades are suitable for all DE razors. 5x blades are included in the pack, each one is platinum coated and packaged in recyclable cardboard packaging. The length of time each blade lasts depends on the frequency of which it is used. 

Arko Shaving Soap stick 75g

The Arko shaving stick is the original Turkish shaving soap and is perfect for those who love a traditional shave. This long lasting soap stick, produces a great lather and has a light powdery fragrance. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and supple. 

Clear Confidence Vegan Shaving Brush 

This shaving brush is vegan (most are made with animal hair). The bristles are synthetic and the handle is wood (Ash). It has been designed to last and is the perfect accompaniment to all the other items in this box.