This Bath & Body Oil from Wild & Sage can be used as part of your bathing routine or as a relaxing massage oil. You can add it to your bath water for silky smooth skin or apply once out to your damp skin. 

Made from a number of beneficial plant oils including a blend of lavender and geranium essential oil to help sooth and rejuvenate your skin. Apricot kernel oil, a known anti-inflammatory that is packed full with antioxidants, to help prevent skin damage. Almond oil, which is a particularly nutritious oil, which is high in proteins, essential fatty acids and vitamin E and D. Grapeseed oil, which has a high omega 6 and vitamin E content. As a light oil, it can be easily absorbed by the skin and is deeply moisturising. 


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • It repairs skin cells and tightens pores
  • 100% Natural
  • Made from a number of beneficial plant oils
  • Plastic-free, recyclable packaging 

Directions: Pour into a warm bath or massage into skin after showering and let the combination of natural plant oils pamper your skin from head to toe.